Brief Overview

Arthur Perkins is an electrical engineer by training and a Christian at heart who takes seriously the commandment of Moses, repeated by Jesus, to ‘Love our God with all our hearts, souls and might’. In honor of that love, Art and his wife Carolyn have devoted time to sharing Scripture with others in nursing and assisted-living homes. In the course of the nursing home activity, Art met the key figure in Buddy, which whom he shared the experience of flight as chronicled in that novel.

Art also has shared that experience with his wife Carolyn. Since their retirement, they continue to build a repertoire of treasured memories out of their mutual interests and incredible adventures.

Buddy is a story of a man and a woman who, after suffering separate losses, are given a second chance at love. At a higher level it is another love story and a deeper one, much of which is based on fact, that expresses the extraordinary love that God shows toward four severely handicapped individuals, two having an affliction of the body and the other two of the heart. At its essence, it’s about loving God and experiencing the amazing and often unexpected richness of God’s love in response.

This novel, in essence, is a love story – but one told in a deeper way than the typical romantic adventure, because it is a story not just between people, but with the romance God shares between Himself and mankind.

“Buddy” follows Earl and his pain at the tragic loss of his wife. Through dealing with his own grief and the pressures of his job, he dives into distraction through his hang gliding activity. Through an unexpected encounter with God, he volunteers his time at a local nursing home and befriends a young man afflicted with cerebral palsy.

Joyce, whose husband had been killed by a drunk driver, meets Earl at work. Sharing much in common with each other, they find themselves forming deep connections with each other. At the same time, connections also are developing with God and with Buddy, bringing Earl and Joyce through a series of adventures and humorous misadventures into a unique understanding of God.

“Buddy” is a story of these connections and how God works through the Holy Spirit to bring people, broken in their own ways, to Him in love.

Art was motivated to publish Buddy in book form as a result of the positive feedback that he received to his posting of excerpts on his blog site friendofthefamily.wordpress.com.

Buddy is available through Signalman Publishing (Google on “Signalman Publishing) or Amazon in ebook or paperback. If ordering through either, search on both author (Arthur Perkins) and title of the novel (Buddy). If you have questions or need help in ordering, contact me at perkinsart44@yahoo.com


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