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A Tale of Two Books or Maybe Three

Hi. My name’s Art. After our retirement several years ago, my wife Carolyn and I decided to occupy part of our gift of time in travel, whereupon we toured portions of the country in a variety of conveyances, including a boat, an RV and a motorcycle. We still do so, at least with the RV and the bike. We’re now in the process of planning our next trip.

Although my career didn’t involve much writing, I enjoy it and have taken it up as a hobby, which fits in well with the tight spaces one encounters in a life spent largely on the road. My hobby hasn’t been hugely productive but it has given me much pleasure over the years.

I did manage to self-publish two books, copies of which now occupy entirely too much space in my garage. I am now working on a third book, which I hope won’t share the same fate as the first two. Not wishing to cart those to the landfill, I’m now opening up a blog in hopes that I might attract some attention and interest, and perhaps even friendship, from you. If you’d like to have one or both of my books, I’ll send them out as long as I have books and my mailing funds don’t dry up.

From a surface perspective, the two books are so entirely different that it may be difficult to understand how they could have been written by the same guy. Rotor is a novel about a hang gliding enthusiast who locks horns with an evil landfill operator who’s in league with a host of corrupt government officials on the take. My friends who have read the book have complimented me on its excitement and humor, for which I’m grateful.

Family of God is a nonfiction collection of essays regarding the Trinitarian nature of our Judeo-Christian God and misconceptions about Him that may have contributed to society’s current state of general indifference toward Him. It includes material that demonstrates the inerrancy of Scripture in the face of generally accepted pseudo-scientific fallacies that attempt to turn important Biblical truths into myths.

Despite the apparent differences between the two books, they actually have a common bond, which is the notion of selfless love, or, if you will, of nobility. It’s the same thread that runs through most of our own lives in a family setting. I’ll develop that theme in follow-on postings, to which I invite you to read and join in.


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  1. Thank you for sharing, and God bless you.


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