The collection of five essays in Family of God offer insights into the Judeo-Christian God and His relationship with mankind that are not usually given the importance that they deserve in Christian thought. The essays incidentally furnish confirmation of the historical accuracy of Scripture and its amazing intellectual depth.

A Fresh Look at Abraham’s God reviews Scripture with a focus on a functional understanding of the Biblical Godhead, its individual members, and their interaction. The results are surprising and remarkably consistent with the pattern of Creation itself. Moreover, they furnish an intuitive view of the Godhead that promotes a genuine love of God. The Curse and the Promise addresses the presence of evil in the world in terms of our reason for existence, providing us with an exciting prospect for our own future in the grand scheme of God. What is Truth? comments on the distortion of truth in secular politics and science, and the consequent marginalization of the Christian faith in modern society. The Reality Behind Biblical Myths sketches the origin and present state of the notion of uniformity, tracing the impact of this ubiquitous but false teaching on the earth sciences and Christian theology. A Riddle and a Sign demonstrates the supernatural origin of Scripture by uncovering an unsuspected level of depth in the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ feeding of the multitudes.

Addressing on several fronts the full deity of Jesus Christ and the divine inspiration of Scripture, the essays, while remaining firmly within the bounds of a conviction of Scripture’s inerrancy, often push the envelope of mainstream Christian thought, countering bankrupt misconceptions about the supremacy of secular knowledge and furnishing in their place new, intuitively powerful insights into the nature of the Trinitarian Godhead and the world of God’s creation.

Family of God is available in paperback by contacting the author (Arthur Perkins) at


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