Recently divorced and facing job difficulties, Paul Henry is down on his luck. Having recovered from injuries inflicted from a poorly-executed flight on his hang glider, Paul takes to the air again in an effort to obtain some happiness in a life that is on a downhill slide. In his flight he chances to observe suspicious activity on an isolated road below. The person he sees is Al Grubley, son of unscrupulous landfill operator Curtis Grubley, and his activity is murder. Curtis has managed to suborn the local county government and neutralize the environmental protection agencies in his push to locate his new dump on top of environmentally sensitive wetlands. But local activists are getting in the way with bad press and successful forays onto his property, and it’s time that Al took care of the problem.

Paul’s encounter with Al leads to a terrifying chase that destroys his car and brings him into the landfill battle, making him the next target of the Grubley family.

The action that follows throws Paul in with activist Millie Farnsworth, who is being subjected to escalating threats on her own life. Their mutual difficulties, having forced them together, also bring romance. Paul’s job circumstances are improving. Both he and Millie begin to see the promise of happiness in a future together.

But before that promise can be fulfilled, Al gets the jump on them in a surprise encounter. Terrified for Millie’s life, Paul confronts Al with the only weapon at his disposal, his hang glider.


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