Chapter Thirty One

Since the completion of Jerusalem’s Third Temple, the nearby HaRamban Synagogue had been nearly deserted, its staff reduced to a skeleton crew consisting of the most junior rabbis and their assistants. Now it was densely packed with hundreds of scared and hungry humans. Some, the most fervently religious, awaited their fate stoically while many others openly wept at the misfortune that had befallen them. Virtually all of them were Messianic Jews whose crime was that they had failed to leave the city as quickly as the rest of their fellows. The crime carried the penalty of death.

The doors were locked, but it was only a matter of time before they were breached and the angry troops outside rushed in to slaughter them. One of these soldiers, a man named Mark, looked over at his buddy Jake, who was eagerly awaiting the order to advance. “Stand down, soldier,” Mark told him, grinning. “Rumor has it that we’re gonna spread napalm around the periphery and light the building up. We’re probably just waiting for the flame tanks to arrive.”

“I sure hope you’re wrong,” Jake responded. “My knife is sharp as a razor. I wanna try it out.” Blood lust was evident in his eyes. Mark looked around. The eagerness was universal among the men, as it was with him.

Mark laughed again, a short, brutal bark. “Hey, this time we got a double reason to kill. They’s Jews, but they’s also Christians. Means maybe we should kill ‘em twice!”

“Be okay then if we rape ‘em and kill ‘em after,” Jake said, his eyes bulging in anticipation.

“Hey, genius!” another soldier called. “You just come up with that idea?”

The soldiers became impatient and, their military discipline weakened by the drugs they had been issued by their leaders to dull any residual sense of morality, they began to act on their own. A group managed to lasso a lamppost and, tugging together, brought it down. Hefting it, they ran together with it, ramming it into a door. It took five attempts to batter down the door, but when it gave way there was a mad rush to enter and kill the men. The building erupted into a cacophony of screams and wails, and the smell of blood mingled with the stench of urine and feces. Eventually just the women and children remained, and then just the women. Several hours later the last woman was gone and an eerie silence prevailed as the soldiers lay around, tired and sated, oblivious to the carnage that surrounded them. The calm of the soldiers clashed wildly with the scene, which looked like the inside of a meat packing plant that had suffered the violence of machinery gone berserk.

“Okay, men. Up! Out! Out!” came the shouted command by a major, who was supported in his task of rousting them by a troop of MPs. A flame tank had arrived after all, its turret traversing one side of the building laying a patch of unlit napalm as the soldiers filed out, tired and disheveled. It’s engine shouted momentarily as it moved to another side, treads clanking heavily. When it had completed its traversal of the perimeter the tank returned, aimed through the open doorway and discharged a gout of napalm, this time aflame.

The grisly scene at the synagogue was played out in the same manner throughout the city, in other places of worship, in public meeting places, in shops and in private homes. The shops and homes didn’t rate the tank, but were set ablaze manually with gasoline. Except for a very few enclaves that had remained untouched, the Jerusalem that remained was no longer Christian or Jewish.

Jerusalem now was firmly in the hands of GLOW, who quickly restored peace to the city through implacable force.

That small but important portion of the vast Muslim community that insisted upon adhering to what they considered to be the important precepts of Islam utterly rejected the Catholic Church’s appeal to the majority of Muslims. They made their displeasure known through a continuation of the terrorist war that their predecessors had waged. The GLOW-dominated media refused to disseminate news of their numerous attacks, which gave the majority of mankind the impression that such extremism no longer existed. Life for most of mankind remained as it had throughout the early years of the twenty-first century, with the poor getting poorer and more miserable and the very wealthy reaping the comforts and privileges of their vast wealth. There was now no place on earth where the middle-class entrepreneur could gain a foothold and raise himself above the ranks of the unionized factory or farm worker. With few exceptions personal property was a privilege of the wealthy, the mass of humanity being consigned to a minimalist apartment existence.

Many of the Israelis who had fled Jerusalem at the desecration of the Third Temple found shelter from the government and people of Jordan, for which they were very grateful. Those who had managed to escape Jerusalem but were slower in the general rush to leave fared rather more badly. They were taken back to the temple, where they were tortured to the point of insanity, and then they were put to death in a mockery of the Jewish ritual of sacrifice. It was they who were butchered upon the temple altar, their blood running in a river down the exit channel.

Yet the system ran quite smoothly, just as those who had first created the structure of government had anticipated. That situation came to an abrupt end with the elevation to enormous of the importance of the disaffected Muslims’ decision to poison the wells, those wells being the vast and far-from-depleted oil wells of the Mideast and South America. In this case the poison was nuclear, inserted into the oil-bearing soils by missiles. Given half-lives exceeding ten thousand years of some of the nuclear materials, the oil fields that had fueled the economies of the world for a hundred years were lost forever.   The alternative oil beneath the ground of Russia and North America may have been sufficient to meet the primary needs of the system had their exploitation not been halted by the humbling of Russia in its war against Israel and the halting of drilling in North America due to the worldwide economic depression that had led to financial chaos and destroyed the oil extraction infrastructure.

The only truly viable source of oil left was the vast Mediterranean field controlled by the Israelis, which destroyed much of the unity among the world’s Regions as their individual leaders scrambled to outbid each other for access to this oil.

The Chinese leader found the hasty response of the Regional leaders to be humorous. “Look at those blind mice!” he chuckled at a video of their push to gain the benevolent attention of Israel’s prime minister, who now was enjoying an unprecedented surge in popularity among the world’s elite. “They’re falling all over themselves to lick the prime minister’s boots!”

“Don’t forget our own situation,” one of his peers in the politburo commented drily. “We ourselves are on the verge of oil starvation. At least they’re attempting to do something about it.”

“And we’re not?” the leader shot back, affronted. He stared at the offender as if he wished to strangle him for his stupidity. “Come here,” he said shortly, walking over to a large framed picture hanging at the most prominent position on the wall. The picture depicted a relatively small but numerically impressive portion of the vast Chinese army in full battle dress. “The other leaders are attempting to negotiate to their advantage. While they’re preoccupied with that futile task, we are going to march over there and simply take it. Does that address your ill-conceived concern? Have you no memory for how easy it was to reassert our dominion over Taiwan?”

The man shied away from the leader in humiliation while his other peers laughed openly at him. Why was I left out of this information? he asked himself, now in dread for his own future.

A day later the Chinese government began to prepare in earnest for a full-scale, take-no-prisoners assault on the already hotly-contested nation of Israel with the intent of grasping their oil field, now prized by virtually every nation on earth.

It was at this precise point that God decided that He’d had quite enough of mankind’s childish, arrogant foolishness. It was the perfect time, as He’d anticipated millennia before, to step into the affairs of man in a larger and more direct way. Merging with His Divine Consort, He communicated intimately with Her His will in that regard. Wisdom responded immediately.






Chapter Thirty Two





There are a number of theories as to how the ring of space rubble that comprises the asteroids came to be formed. According to the planetesimal theory, it formed by accretion as the planets themselves supposedly did, but consisted of remnants that did not coagulate with the others because they lacked the collective mass to configure into a single, distinct body. There are problems with the planetesimal theory, chief among which is an inconsistency with the Newtonian law of conservation of momentum.

Another theory has it that the asteroids are the partial remnants of an enormous collision between a planet and some other very large body. This is the more likely supposition. A different kind of space object, the comet, is distinct from the asteroids in the location of its orbit and sometimes but not always its composition. Until the latter years of the twentieth century, comets were thought to be invariably cold and icy. This supposition was challenged by data gathered with the aid of modern equipment and techniques. While some comets are still known to possess characteristic ice, that is not always the case.

There are three types of comets: those that belong to the Kuiper belt, another belt like that of the asteroids but farther out, beyond the orbit of Neptune, and those associated with a hypothetical Oort Cloud that envelops the Solar System. The Oort Cloud has been placed as far out as 50,000 times the distance from Earth to Sun, almost a fifth of the distance to the nearest star. Those comets that belong to the Kuiper Belt populate the plane of planetary orbits and have shorter periods of orbit about the Sun, on the order of ten years, whereas the Oort comets have significantly longer periods.

The third type of comet is created directly by God when and where He wishes, but typically from material found within a large planet. Having been created by God Himself, its composition, size and trajectory are entirely up to God’s discretion. From the time of the Flood until now, Wisdom, in Her periodic entrances into the affairs of mankind to help some and wake others up, had contented Herself with picking up one of the numerous stones to be found in the asteroid belt and tossing them earthward. Now She decided to go big.

Bathed in the soft, weak light of its remote sun, Jupiter as viewed by the earthbound stargazer appears benign and cheerful in its cloaking hues of orange, red, and brown. Closer to its surface, the dominant planet of the solar system reveals more of its harsh and troubled nature. Gases thrust and swirl viciously against a starkly glaring backdrop of arcing electricity. The restless atmosphere provides but the merest hint of the seething hell far below, where element clashes with element in a heaving, boiling maelstrom as the massive giant on the very edge of starhood struggles to stay a planet, to avoid the fateful ignition.

Wisdom looked lovingly at this enormous planet, recalling with affection how many times She had used one of its offspring in the past to influence Her beloved mankind’s sojourn on Earth. The Flood; The Exodus; Joshua’s long day and America’s corresponding long night; Isaiah’s Errant Sundial


She recounted in Her mind the long and hazardous journey that Venus took as a wayward planetoid before it settled down into a stable orbit. Birthed from Jupiter by Wisdom as She was about to repeat with another planetoid, Venus at the Hand of Wisdom was directed toward Earth, which at the time had been enclosed by a beautiful, paper-thin canopy of ice. At that time, due to the canopy’s effect of creating a nearly uniform temperature from poles to equator, there was no rainfall on Earth, but a mist came up from the ground to water the life that God had placed there. Venus came close to Earth at the time of Noah, its gravitational influence shattering the canopy and shaking the Earth to release the highly-pressurized water in the aquifers buried underground. With the canopy gone, clouds formed, rain fell and the sun shining on the rain created rainbows for the first time.

Venus retreated from Earth with the Flood in its destructive wake, and continued on its awkwardly unstable orbit around the sun, which brought it back to the vicinity of Earth nearly once every Earth year. At its first return the planetoid remained far enough away from Earth that it didn’t do any further damage. On its next return Earth again remained undamaged, but the planetoid’s closest approach was just a little nearer to Earth. On its fifty-second return it finally got too close, and created more mayhem.

These fifty-two year cycles had repeated several times, each time visiting panic and terror upon mankind. One cycle was intimately connected with the Exodus of Israel from bondage in Egypt; the next caused Joshua’s long day and America’s corresponding long night. Things quieted down with respect to Earth after that, but then Venus, still in an unstable and dangerous orbit, nearly collided with Mars, stripping it of its water and half its surface, creating giant rifts, the Tharsis Bulge and Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in the solar system, in the process pushing it like a giant billiard ball toward Earth. It was then Mars that threatened the Earth, coming so dangerously close every fifteen years that it influenced the Earth’s rotation and generated devastating earthquakes. The spectacle of errant planets was visible to men on Earth. Eyewitness accounts extend beyond the Bible to Homer’s Iliad and terrifying images of witches on broomsticks and dragons and sacred horned cows. The Israelites, in their journey to the Promised Land, were so terrified at the sight that they had decided to worship this apparition in the sky instead of their living and most loving God:

“And when the people saw that Moses delayed to come down out of the mount, the people gathered themselves together unto Arron, and said unto him, Up, make us gods, which shall go before us; for as for this Moses, the man who brought us up out of the land of Egypt, we wot not what is become of him. And Aaron said unto them, Break off the golden earrings, which are in the ears of your wives, or your sons, and of your daughters, and bring them unto me. And all the people broke off the golden earrings which were in their ears, and brought them unto Aaron. And he received them at their hand, and fashioned it with an engraving tool, after he had made it a molten calf: and they said, These are thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt. And when Aaron saw it, he built an altar before it; and Aaron made proclamation, and said, Tomorrow is a feast to the Lord.”

When the game of cosmic billiards was finally over with Venus tucked away into a stable orbit, mankind did its utmost to forget the entire thing. Learned men who should have known better invented natural laws that violated common sense, like uniformitarianism that demanded that the processes that shaped the earth and influenced geological formations were tiny and slow. Whenever a braver person would come along and attempt to point out the truth, the establishment scientists would generate tantrums and attempts on the poor creature’s life and career.

These things Wisdom pondered as She prepared to act again. Man refuses to learn from the past, She thought, shaking her lovely head in sadness. But yet there still is some nobility among them.


It troubled Her briefly that in the process of correcting the frequently-errant mankind Mars was nearly destroyed, but then rejoiced that the situation with that planet ultimately would be a good thing too, as it would give Her Son and future daughter-in-law an excellent task to restore that planet to its former beauty and utility as a haven for life.

Okay, honey, Wisdom spoke softly to the giant planet. Time to be a mommy again.

For the most part, Jupiter’s mad tantrums remain confined to the planet itself, the thrashing hidden below the colorful atmospheric cover that belies the unending struggle within the tortured interior. At rare intervals, however, in explosive fury the angry giant hurls a piece of itself outward with such speed that it strains the bonds of the mother planet’s enormous gravity.

Let’s see, Wisdom thought, cocking Her lovely head in a pose of studious observation.   She poked and prodded here and there, and the huge mother planet responded by ejecting a massive, white-hot ball of magma out of its molten interior. At first this proto-moon joined its siblings that circled the parent giant. Wisdom gave it another nudge and it left Jupiter’s gravitational bond to wander as a planetoid through the solar system. Its movement was far from random. Wisdom’s precise poke directed it straight toward Her target planet.





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