The upcoming series of blog postings consists of installments of my Christian nonfiction book Marching to a Worthy Drummer, in which I present a comprehensive defense of my understanding of the Holy Trinity to be a tightly-coupled Divine Family. Within this Family, gender is anything but nonexistent or neutral, which requires that the Holy Spirit be functionally feminine in contrast to the prevailing theological view of Her as either weakly masculine or completely genderless.

The defense is primarily based on Scripture itself, which I continue to treasure as inerrant in the original and inspired of God. But the defense, while detailed and thorough, is not the entire story. The treatment of the Holy Spirit herein extends beyond a mere defense to include a discussion of the very real advantages of the Family view of the Godhead as well as the disadvantages to those who oppose that viewpoint. Yet further, a possible explanation is proposed for the Church’s having acquired and adhered to its present gender-void understanding of the Godhead in blatant opposition to what Scripture plainly teaches.

The most important reason for taking a Family-oriented viewpoint of our Trinitarian Godhead is one of appreciation: appreciation of the love intrinsic to God, and, in appreciation of the breathtaking beauty of that love, a fervor of worship that is impossible to enjoy under the present theological regime.

I share my viewpoint with other people, some of whom are blessed with more formal theological knowledge than I possess. It’s a small group, but it is growing. Yet it remains dwarfed by the opposing mainstream understanding of the Trinity. Because of that unbalance in size, our viewpoint at the present time remains outside the boundaries of what is considered to be acceptable theology. Depending on the importance of that perception in the minds of mainstream theologians, our understanding ranges from eccentric to heretical.

The more accustomed I become toward my viewpoint, the more important I perceive it to be. In fact, it is so important to my thinking that either our view or the mainstream view deserves the label of heresy. Given that perception, I boldly acknowledge the issue to be one of heresy, and fling that charge back in the face of the mainstream Church which, for a number of reasons both related to and unconnected with the issue at hand, is experiencing a steep and rapid decline into a plethora of other heresies and false beliefs, indifference, corruption and irrelevance.

May the reader, in his careful review of my defense and its implications, come to appreciate my viewpoint and in the process experience a quickening of his heart toward his loving God, and from that may he experience the joy and adventure of a full commitment to Him.


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