Chapter Twenty One

The sudden brilliance outside startled Millie, causing her to drop a dish onto the floor. “We have electricity!” she cried, looking out at the streetlamp to be sure she wasn’t dreaming. Jimmy turned off the generator and rushed outside to re-connect the large electrical umbilical cable to city electricity. Sure enough, the inside of the RV began to light up like a Christmas tree as Millie rushed around turning on various lamps. They enjoyed this newly-found comfort as if it actually was Christmas, but after they started to become used to it, a troubling notion came into Earl’s head.

“I wonder what this means,” he voiced aloud. “Is the government going to come back?”

“In force, you mean,” supplied Ron, who was sitting on a hard-backed folding chair.


“Well, maybe I’m thinking that we need to break out the ammo and saddle up.”

“Probably not a good idea, Ron. I’ve already told you how I feel about that. I’ve been hoping that you’d get the message too that this particular battle’s much more spiritual than physical. Besides, if they do come back, most likely it will be with overwhelming force. I’ve been bothered by the possibility for some time now. The government seemed to be capitulating to nature way too easily. That doesn’t fit in with our leader’s personality, coward though he might be. Now if the government is manning up for a huge assault, and you really do want to fight on their terms, it would take the Hand of God to make your effort meaningful. I know that God has been in the thick of the battle in the past for Moses, and Joshua, and Gideon, and, more recently, with the modern Israelis in their several battles against their Arab neighbors. But, I’m sorry to say, I don’t have any indication from God that such is the case with this one. In fact, I do have indications that the opposite is true, that the battle this time is spiritual. If we pursue a physical battle our world will also be lost like when the Jews rebelled against Rome and were defeated by Titus, who destroyed their world in 70 A.D.”

“If not that, what do you suggest?”

“I’ve already told you. Bring yourself and your troops closer to God, and fight the battle in the spiritual realm. That will require just as much courage to execute, and will probably leave you just as dead in the end. But if you die serving God, a whole new world awaits you. God help me if I’m wrong,” he said in a small voice. “I’m going to have to pray that I’ve been giving you the right advice.”

Wisdom returned that night, answer ready. “You have it right, you know,” She began. “The government is coming back, and on a scale that you’re no match for. Violence isn’t your gig, anyway. Remember what Paul said in Ephesians six – the battle ahead’s not physical, but spiritual. This is exactly what you’ve been preparing your people for. Now take your words to heart and buck up, because very soon now you’ll be surrounded by events that will test your faith like never before. The good news is that you’ll have some time to prepare, both mentally and spiritually. You’ve – well, We’ve – chosen your place well. It’s such an insignificant backwater that nobody’s going to come looking for you for the next month or two. Eventually, though, they’ll come for you, too. Remember what we told Polycarp when he was arrested and threatened with execution?”

“I – I think so,” Earl responded. “Didn’t You tell him to play the man?”

“Essentially, yes. You escaped from your death camp, but only because your work here wasn’t finished. But, I’m happy to tell you, your prison mate Jacob has succeeded in reaching Israel, and he’s doing Our work just as you’d hoped he would. You and Joyce have played your parts in the way We’d hoped you would. As a bonus, you’ve also brought a number of people to Us from here. Already a terrible slaughter has just taken place here in America. You missed the agony of that particular event, but you knew that time would come when you, too, would have to stand up and be counted. You asked for that, as a matter of fact. You didn’t want to be left out of that wonderful Hall of Faith noted in Hebrews eleven. I know that you still feel that way. It might be unpleasant in the actual event, but that is for such a tiny period of time that it’s insignificant. You – and Joyce too – have a wonderful future in heaven to look forward to. And I’ll be with you two all the way till you get there.”


“And thank you, My beloved Earl. Give my heartfelt love to your darling wife.” She was gone.

Chapter Twenty Two

When Jacob left her, Moira felt an instant pang of loneliness, as if half of her own body had just departed. But then the doctor and his assistant started poking around her damaged leg and her day suddenly got busier as they peered, pried, attached several umbilical hookups and used them to monitor her condition. Presently a nurse administered an anesthesia and her mind went blank.

Before she awoke from the anesthesia, Moira had another visitor. “Hi, honey,” Wisdom greeted her. “Looks like things are heating up around here.”

“Well, for me they are,” Moira responded to the gentle beauty of the face before her. “How bad is my wound?”

“Not so terrible. Not bad enough to put you on light duty for very long,” She said with a laugh. “You’ll have a problem at the range with the squats for the next few weeks or so, which won’t exactly endear Jesse to you, but you’ll get over it. The assault on your kibbutz was a random splash out of the kettle that’s starting to boil over. But since the fire’s getting bigger, the kettle’s just getting hotter, so the splashes will get bigger and fiercer. I thought I’d give you a heads-up on the bigger picture, so you’ll know something about how you fit in. Russia has finished assembling a coalition of countries, mostly Muslim, to come against Israel. They just can’t resist dominating the world in the oil market, and Israel’s new oil and gas find in the Mediterranean is a tempting plum. As you know, the details of this upcoming battle are in the Book of Ezekiel. Go back and re-read Chapters 38 and 39 when you get a chance.”

“Won’t America stop them?”

Wisdom laughed. “You must have been too busy to be reading the news. Actually, America no longer exists as such.”

“Say what?” Moira broke in, startled by this turn of events. “What happened?”

“You know from the Book of Revelation,” Wisdom told her, “that in the last days of the government of man on earth, world governance would be set up. That’s in the process of coming together now. Already in the Western Hemisphere, America, along with Canada and Mexico, have been integrated into a single entity called the North American Region. The world government consists of ten such regions. Actually, this structure has been in the works for a very long time. With the help of Our opposer, a number of evil dictators have come and gone in the attempt to bring it to pass earlier. It’s most modern manifestation has been discussed in secret meetings of the world’s most powerful people from the beginning of the twentieth century. American presidents from Bush Senior all the way to their last one have very actively supported it behind the scenes. So the State Department of the United States is now the North American State Department and, no, this North American State Department and its European counterparts are still seeking a negotiated solution to the brewing conflict over the fate of Israel. They’re doing nothing of substance but simply talking, being too cowardly really to be sticking their necks out. Ezekiel alluded to that, too. While Russia is looking for domination, their Arab friends simply want to do what they’ve wanted all along – wipe out the nation of Israel and toss her inhabitants into the Med.”

“According to Ezekiel, You’re not going to let that happen.”

“Not on a bet. Russia will go slinking back northward in defeat, the majority of her troops wiped out.”

“I’d guess atomic warfare.”

“Only partly,” She said with a grin, Her white teeth gleaming in the dim light. “Mankind is so proud of its high-tech weaponry that We’ll let it think for a short time that’s all there is. And, to be sure, it is bad enough. At the macro level, Moira, humans have about as much maturity as those occupying a second-grade playground.” Her laughter scoffed at the thought. “But We thought we’d like to take these arrogant people down a peg or two, so We’ve cooked up some fireworks that will make your nuclear weapons look like childrens’ toys.

“What could be worse than a nuclear bomb – or several of them?”

“Oh, you’ll see,” She said enigmatically. “Perhaps We’ll have an earthquake for starters, one like the world has never seen before. Or, how about a disease so swift and deadly it would be like a rain of poison on an anthill?”

“You’d actually do that?”

“It isn’t like the world hasn’t been warned. We moved Ezekiel and many other prophets to write about just that, but Ezekiel is the most important in that regard because if anyone would bother to read his book, they’d instantly see that it’s all coming together exactly like he predicted, including the terrible slaughter of those who come against Israel. As for whether the devastation will be by earthquake or disease or by something else altogether, I don’t want to spoil your show. You’ll be witnessing the actual event soon enough. But I will tell you this: despite all their talk about going green, the world leaders are doing so much to desolate this lovely planet that We created that We simply have to put a stop to it before it goes much further. As you know, radiation poisoning is the worst. If the current leaders were allowed to continue acting like selfish little children, the nuclear warfare they would unleash, if allowed to run to its evil conclusion, would succeed in making the entire planet uninhabitable for anyone.”

“I’m so very glad that You’re in control, Wisdom. I’m relieved to hear that You’ll be setting limits on atomic warfare. Still, if I’m going to be watching a show, it sounds scary. Other than the nukes, I can’t imagine anything worse than an earthquake or disease.”

“Oh, We can,” She said, laughing. “How about an asteroid strike? That’ll get everyone’s attention. But that’s all I’ll say to you about it. Sleep well, My darling.” She left and Moira sank back into a deep sleep.

Jacob visited her every day when he could take a break from his work. He daily grew more impatient for her to recover enough to leave the infirmary. After another week he was overjoyed to see her in their room and they clung to each other in a fierce embrace that suggested they’d been apart for much longer than the comfort range of their minds and bodies. On her own Moira returned to the firing range for a resumption of their training. As Wisdom had forewarned her, the squat position was brutal, but she insisted on working through the pain. Within a month she had recovered sufficiently to resume her regular kitchen and guard duties. Having been seasoned in combat, she carried her rifle with a new authority, and her eyes reflected an alert confidence.

During the month of Moira’s recovery the commune noted an increase in movement in the surrounding area. The noise of tanks and other heavy military vehicles increased. But then the day came that the noise diminished to the point that activity seemed to have stopped and an ominous silence prevailed over the Golan Heights. After several days of like inactivity, they discussed what this might mean. Jesse reluctantly stood up in the midst of those gathered in the big room. “I didn’t want to have to give you the bad news,” he said, “but I think I understand what’s going on. The armored force nearest us probably are digging in and waiting for the MREs and reinforcements to arrive.”

“What’s an MRE?” asked one young girl.

“MRE – Meal Ready to Eat. What I meant was that the combat vehicles and the troops manning them probably are waiting for their supply train to catch up, and, knowing our adversaries from past wars fought with them, also waiting until they’ve stacked the odds in their favor so overwhelmingly that they can’t possibly lose, barring a miracle on our behalf. The real implication of what I’m trying to say is that this hunkering-in process isn’t real encouraging. We can expect to see a very big army heading our way, particularly since this may well be the beginning of the war that’s spelled out in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39.”

That evening when Jacob and Moira returned to their room, she closed the door and turned to him. “Speaking of which, you might want to pick up your Bible and re-read those chapters.”

“Speaking of what?” he asked, bewildered. “What are you talking about?”

“Ezekiel 38 and 39. What Jesse was saying. In the context of the experience that’s surrounding us, it makes for very interesting reading. Captivating, actually.”

“Gee, Moira, I kind of had other plans.”

“Well, now you have two things to take care of,” she said, laughing. “I’m serious, Jacob. It’s important.”

“Oh, I get it. You had a visitor not too long ago.”

“Yep. Jesse reminded me of what She’d said. I wanted to tell you about it at the time, but events seemed to intervene whenever the opportunity came up. I eventually forgot about it. Sorry. She told me to tell you ‘Hi’, by the way.”


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