As was noted in a previous blog posting, the Bible’s mention of stupendous physical events is a major stumblingblock to its acceptance by the modern public as inerrant, or even factual in parts. The enormity of these catastrophes stretches the imagination almost beyond the capacity of belief; those who cling to the prevailing uniformitarian mindset get pushed right over the top into an allegorical or mythical view of such portions of Scripture. The Great Flood of Noah, they reason, must have been a terrible event for the locals, and for the primitive mind it must have seemed to be of earthwide scope. The day may have seemed to have been lengthened to Joshua at Beth-Horon, but the modern mind must necessarily reject the account as objective truth. The movement of the sun ten degrees at the time that Isaiah spoke to Hezekiah simply couldn’t have happened.

But what if these events did occur precisely as the Bible said? What if the Biblical accounts of them represented literal truth? In actuality, scientific and technological advances over the past century have supported the reality of these events rather than negated them: we have found that during Joshua’s long day, the indigenous Americans halfway around the world experienced a long night; we have discovered that the planet Mars has suffered a devastation even more awesome than the Bible speaks of regarding Earth; we are beginning to understand the heavenly battles in Homer’s Iliad to be an eyewitness account of awesome planetary clashes; and the scientific community has finally accepted the mass extinction of lifeforms in the past to be due at least in part to encounters by earth of extraterrestrial bodies.

These discoveries have not only driven a major shift in our understanding of the earth’s history, but to those who have undergone this transformation of understanding, it has permitted them to understand, for the first time, Biblical passages that were incomprehensible under the old regime of Scriptural interpretation.

This series of blog postings on the subject of the reality of Biblical catastrophes is intended to give the reader an understanding of the actual truth behind these catastrophic events of the recent past. They are taken directly from Part Four of my book Family of God entitled “The Reality Behind Biblical Myths”.


Having generally addressed in Part Three the distortion of truth imposed on modern man by his institutions, I now wish to focus more specifically on the particular area of natural science in this regard to illustrate how far afield from reality the rigidly secular approach to natural history, as driven by the uniformitarian mindset, may have taken us.

As anyone over the age of three can appreciate, science and technology have made some sweeping developments over the past half century. Even now, of course, the pace is accelerating. The natural sciences have not been immune to this change. Using new tools and techniques, man has stepped up the pace of his exploration, from the earth itself in the discovery and interpretation of archaeological finds to the outer reaches of our solar system, where the planets we view stand in naked disagreement with our simplistic assumptions of the recent past.

The picture we are finding generally contradicts the long-held uniformitarian assumption of constant, gradual change. We see evidence on Mars of at least one enormously destructive interaction within our solar system in the past that has created sudden disasters of planetary scope. We are beginning to concern ourselves with the possibility that it could happen again, and that this kind of monstrous destruction could take place right here on earth. We perceive yet dimly that such an event would not be the first to devastate our planet.

This appreciation on the part of the experts is continuing to mount. It has not yet filtered down to the public at large, who still cling to the science of the past and remain largely ignorant of the significance of this new paradigm. Most importantly, Christians themselves continue to perceive a disconnect between Scripture and science, not realizing that it is science itself which is backtracking into conformity with Scripture. Indeed, some of the great Biblical events, given a literal rather than a mythical interpretation, might support our new understanding by fleshing out a strikingly detailed picture of man’s travails during times when the earth shook with violence.


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