Note to the reader: the series of articles entitled Background to Buddy were extracted from a Christian nonfiction work that formed the basis for the novel Buddy, which is available from either Amazon or Signalman Publishing. Directions are noted on the page entitled Buddy on this blog site. The purpose of this work was to explain the reasons why I consider the Holy Spirit to be functionally female. Adventure episodes and humor were added for the entertainment of both the reader and the author.

Having completed the Background to Buddy series with the posting of Background to Buddy #29, I am ready to move on to other topics. I plan to do so beginning with my next posting. For the present posting, however, I’d like to recommend to you a fascinating Christian book that I read just a few months ago, a classic, actually, that was first published back in 1975. I believe that it is still available on Amazon. The topic of the book intersects the theme of my novel Buddy as well as my earlier nonfiction work Family of God, which would make it useful to those who may find it difficult to accept without reservation my premises regarding the nature of the Holy Trinity.

The book Destined for the Throne was written by Christian author Paul E. Billheimer and published by Bethany House Publishers (Minneapolis, Minnesota) in collaboration with Christian Literature Crusade (Fort Washington, Pennsylvania). The edition in my possession includes the following forward by Billy Graham:

“I have just read the manuscript of Paul E. Billheimer’s book Destined for the Throne, and have been inspired and challenged by the insights and fresh interpretations of the Scriptures regarding prayer, praise, and the church’s place in the world. Every Christian who feels impelled to find a deeper dimension of Christian witness should not only read this book, but study it prayerfully, and apply its principles to his life.”

Theologically, Destined for the Throne focuses primarily on the implications, romantic and otherwise, of the Church’s future role as Bride of Christ. Therefore, the book doesn’t go quite as far as Buddy or Family of God in addressing the implications of that role with respect to the intrinsic nature of the Godhead Itself. But it comes very close, and in the way it approaches the topic of the Church it not only promotes a fresh and exciting view of the Christian’s natural relationship to his God but also fosters the kind of love between believer and God that approaches the ideal of Jesus’ description in Matthew 22 of the Great Commandment in the law:

“Thou shalt love the Lord, thy God, with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment.”

To me, it’s a real tragedy that the Church has for so long generally neglected the implication of this one statement by Jesus as Paul Billheimer so skillfully brought to light. His preface is worth noting:

“No system of philosophy or theology is challenge-proof. The contending schools of theology, Calvinism and Arminianism, illustrate this point. Each has its sincere apologists as well as its equally sincere antagonists. Yet each is accepted in large circles as a viable system of truth with much to recommend it.

“In the realm of philosophy, no single system offers an adequate explanation of the universe. All fall short of advancing a fully satisfying cause for and interpretation of the meaning of existence. Science, with its tremendous contribution to mundane affairs and to the enrichment of life in general, is of little help here. Apart from the Bible, the universe is an incomprehensible mystery. The Bible alone offers the only satisfactory explanation for the age-old questions ‘Who is man?’ ‘Why is he here?’ “What is the meaning of life?’

“Many of the theses advanced and expounded in the following pages were, at first, so startlingly unconventional and sometimes so overwhelmingly astounding to the writer as to stagger his imagination and boggle his mind. It may, therefore, not be surprising if others find the viewpoints equally astonishing. Hence, may I urge the reader to carefully consider the insights presented in the light of both Scripture and reason.

“Wherever the messages which form these chapters have been given, whether from the pulpit or person-to-person, they have been received with appreciation. I believe the following pages contain a message especially pertinent to this end time. The book is offered to the Church with a sincere prayer that it will make a significant contribution to the spiritual life of the Body and Bride of Christ.

“The writer feels that many of the insights were given him by the personal ministry of the Holy Spirit through the Word. He therefore, relinquishes all claim to ownership. He wishes his ministerial brethren to feel perfectly free to use in their own ministry any material herein which the Spirit may quicken to them, subject only to the terms of the copyright. The truths were given by the Spirit. They belong to the Body.”

I enthusiastically endorse Paul Billheimer’s attribution of his insights to the Holy Spirit’s illumination of Scripture. For that same reason, for over a year now I have been purchasing copies of Buddy from my publisher and offering them free of charge to those individuals whom the Holy Spirit has moved me to gift them.


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