To my readers,

I’d like to give you a heartfelt thanks once again for your loyalty and your encouraging response to the installments I had posted of my latest novel Buddy, which led me to publish it in book form. As you know, the Kindle and Nook ebook versions of Buddy were available beginning last month at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and from my publisher Signalman.

I received an email notification from my publisher this morning that the paperback version of Buddy is now also available from the same outlets as the ebook version.

The back cover reads as follows:

Arthur Perkins is an electrical engineer by training and a Christian at heart who takes seriously the commandment of Moses, repeated by Jesus, to Love our God with all our hearts, souls and might. In honor of that love, Art and his wife, Carolyn, have devoted time to sharing Scripture with others in nursing and assisted-living homes. In the course of the nursing home

activity, Art met the key figure in Buddy, with whom he shared the experience of flight as chronicled in this novel.

Art also has shared that experience with his wife, Carolyn. Since their retirement, they continue to build a repertoire of treasured memories out of their mutual interests and incredible adventures.

Buddy is a story of a man and a woman who, after suffering separate losses, are given a second chance at love. At a higher level, it is another love story and a deeper one, much of which is based on fact, that expresses the extraordinary love that God shows toward four severely handicapped individuals, two having an affliction of the body and the other two of the heart. At its essence, it’s about loving God and experiencing the amazing and often unexpected richness of God’s love in response.

Art was motivated to publish Buddy in book form as a result of the positive feedback that he received to his posting of excerpts on his blog site”

A picture of Carolyn and me is included. On the front cover is another picture, this of myself running off the cliff with the actual counterpart of the novel’s Buddy. At the top right corner is the counterpart of the novel’s John. What can’t be seen in the picture is the rope around his waist, the other end of which was tied around a stump, so that as he threw Buddy’s counterpart off the cliff behind me he wouldn’t continue down to his harm. John’s counterpart is a brave man. We weren’t aware, as we jumped off with Buddy’s counterpart, that we were being filmed by an observer, who was kind enough to send me a number of pictures of this first flight with “Buddy”. I am truly grateful for that reminder.

For over a quarter of a century I had remained silent about this and the subsequent events with “Buddy”, as I had known that it never would have occurred apart from the loving input of the indwelling Holy Spirit. As such I considered it to be a private matter between me, “Buddy”, “John” and God. One day, however, God rather sternly spoke to me through Jesus’ Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30. In effect, God showed me through this parable that if I truly believed that He was responsible for this extraordinary series of events, then I had no business refusing to glorify Him by refraining from speaking about it. Buddy is the result of that woodshed experience.

My next posting will continue the series “A Peek into Israel’s Future”.


Art Perkins



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  1. Posted by John M on May 23, 2012 at 8:20 pm

    “Buddy” is a great story and it is from the heart. Through Earl’s struggles — loss of a spouse, difficulties with a boss at work, differences with a pastor, there is triumph — new love, reaching out to help others. Some great theological discussions as well — very thought provoking!


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