One of my essays in Family of God entitled ‘What is truth?’ is giving me more heartburn every day as my fears with respect to government-sponsored disinformation are being realized more rapidly than I had imagined. I wrote it with the passion of a parent who learned far too late that his children had not received the education in the public schools that I had assumed they were getting. Now I find that it is nearly impossible to communicate with them on any topic more profound than the latest offering in movies, or where to get a good pizza.

Why does this disconnect exist? Because their store of knowledge is alien to me, and mine is to them. Outside of the most basic subjects, my children were taught very different things than I learned in school. I was taught that there are transcendent, absolute truths, the fountainhead of which is Holy Scripture; they learned that there is no common body of truth – that it’s a personal matter to which absolutes don’t apply. In my American History classes, we learned of our unique stature as a nation of morals and ideals, based on principles embodied in Judeo-Christian Scripture. We also learned that we had to fight for those principles, that our nation with its unique constitution wasn’t handed to our forefathers on a platter. We learned that those who fought for our nation were themselves men of great character and principle, that they were heroes in the only true meaning of that description – that they were selflessly noble, placing their country and their fellowmen before their own welfare. Our children know nothing about these people. They don’t even know what a hero is: their idea of the hero is a physically buff individual of great beauty, flawless skin and well-defined six-pack abs who possesses athletic abilities quite beyond those of a normal human. Character? Of what relevance is that to the person of ‘heroic’ stature? They all have been taught to honor self above all, so why should their superbeings be any different? Of course they seek to right wrongs – how else can they attain to glory and acclamation?

I can’t discuss faith with my children. My brand of faith seeks to understand and follow Judeo-Christian Scripture, which I assume is divinely inspired. That view brands me as intolerant and morally violent, because I don’t cherry-pick the Word of God to accommodate it with other ‘faiths’ or some politico’s idea of political correctness. My children have a very different view of the Bible’s utility and what they should believe in. To them, faith is what we exercise as the need arises; ultimately, it consists of that collection of maxims and tenets that make us feel good and survive in a competitive society.

But why is their store of knowledge so different from mine? I have thought about that for quite a long time. The only answer that is consistent with what I know from my own education, the media bombardment to which I have been subjected over the years and the direction our government has morphed into is that the difference is deliberate, intended to support a social agenda.

The social agenda is Marxist and up to now it has been implemented covertly. We have begun to see it take shape more clearly lately because our country has tobogganed so far down that slippery slope that a recovery to its past form is quite unlikely. The schools alone haven’t brought America to this state of evil; the Marxist takeover has been executed on several fronts simultaneously.

In the schools the teachers and administrators were unionized into social homogeneity and gently guided into conformity with teaching methods and curricula that moved away from earlier standards so incrementally that, like the frog placed into a pot of cold water on a stove, there was little perception of change.

In the churches Scripture was maligned as ridden with errors. Those churches that succumbed to the attack on Scripture (aided by shallow churchgoers who failed to read Scripture on their own), having lost the only reliable description of God and His intent for us, became ready prey to a host of false and deadly doctrines. Having the outward appearance of supporting a kinder, more benevolent God, these concepts viciously led their congregations further down the path to indifference and then to agnosticism, opening wide the door to perdition. Socially, the sad congregants were induced to swallow whole the unadulterated doctrine of Marxism while indifferently turning their backs on the removal of God from the public square. Their churches reek of Marxism, and, despite its stench, they clamor for it in their government.

Aided by a banking system whose participants below the very top echelon were oblivious to what was really taking place, our nation on the economic front was being collectivized. Economic downturns occurred with great regularity, and every time that happened the situation furnished the banks with an opportunity to close up the marginal family farm and sell it to a larger outfit, and to close up the marginal family store and replace it with a chain. The hordes of persons displaced by these events either became wards of the government, workers for the expanding government, or were gobbled up by the big unionized factories, there to lose their identities within monstrous robotic bureaucracies. An endless series of wars, many of which were unnecessary, collectivized and regimented a great many additional Americans.

Now the Marxification of America is accelerating: the latest economic downturn, coupled with unprincipled governmental offers of support, is massively increasing the number of welfare recipients. To this will be added another huge number of illegal aliens for which the government is attempting to furnish amnesty and aid. All these people will vote to keep the aid coming and the demagogues in power. The national government is also attempting to curtail the individual’s constitutional rights on a number of fronts, including free speech (in the name of eliminating ‘hate’ talk), and gun ownership (in the name of safety as violent crime increases).


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